Grinding Sample Mill Cemotec (CM 190)

Sample grinding without moisture loss (Grinding Sample Mill Cemotec (CM 190))
The CM 190 Cemotec™ is specially designed to grind grain and seed samples without losing moisture content. It is an excellent mill for all types of sample preparation where the requirements for fineness and uniformity of particle size are moderate.


The CM 190 Cemotec™ works on the principle of shearing between two discs, one stationary and one turning. The sample is introduced at the centre of the stationary disc and is crushed between the discs. The distance between the discs is easily adjusted by a graduated knob to control the fineness of the grist.

Spesfikasi :
– Sample Type : Dry samples prior to moisture analysis, up to 20% moisture and/or 20% fat
– Applications : Grains, seeds, feed, beans, dry granular foods, fertilizer
– Sample Size : Up to 14 nm
– Grinding Principle : Two discs, one rotating one stationary
– Grinding Rate/Time : Appr. 3 g/s
– Grinding Speed : Grinding disc 300 rpm
– Particle Size : Coarse grist
– Safety : Microswitch
– Cleaning : Low cross contamination

• Sample bottles with lids – 100 or 500 pack sizes
• Grinding discs – 1 pair

• No loss of moisture
• Reliable classic working principle
• Low noise level
• Low maintenance demand


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