Grinding Sample Mill Knifetec (KN 195)

Rapid sample preparation of high-fat, high-moisture and fibrous samples
Grinding Sample Mill Knifetec (KN 195) is designed for the preparation of high fat, high moisture and fibrous samples prior to analysis, such as oilseeds, prepared foods, meat products, fruit, vegetables, grains, seeds and feed .


This piece of equipment is equipped with a grinding chamber cooling feature. This can be connected to a cold water tap or other laboratory chilling device to prevent samples containing high levels of fat sticking to the wall of the chamber as the fat softens during grinding. The cooling option also stops fibrous samples generating heat due to friction.

– Power supply: 230 V, 50-60 Hz; Incl. Transformer 115/230 V; 115 V, 50 Hz
– Power consumption: 120 W
– Net weight: 7,5 kg
– Dimensions, L x D x H: 190 x 290 x 250 mm
– Rotor speed, impeller: 20.000 rpm
– Water supply: 2 l/min, 8-10°C
– Sample Size: Maximum 100 ml (50 – 150 g)


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