Grinding Sample Mill Cyclotec (CT 193)

Grinding Sample Mill Cyclotec (CT 193) is based on the cyclone principle for universal grinding applications in the laboratory. Dry samples prior to wet chemistry or IR analysis, up to 15% Moisture and 10% Fat, such as: Grains, Cereals, Seeds, Petfood pellets, Hay, straw (dried and cut to 2-3cm), Silage (dried and cut to 2-3 cm)
Pelleted feed, Leaves, Lime, Coal, Tobacco.


Grinding Sample Mill Cyclotec (CT 193) can be used for dry and low fat samples, up to 15 % moisture and 10 % fat – such as a wide variety of feeds, grains, leaves, etc. and also for grinding of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and similar products.

– Power supply: 200-230 V, 50 Hz; 115 V, 60 Hz; 200-230 V, 60 Hz; 115 V, 50 Hz
– Power consumption: 600 W
– Net weight: 18 kg
– Dimensions, L x D x H: 220 x 300 x 400 mm
– Rotor speed, impeller: 10.000 rpm

– Large sample inlet for easier loading of larger sample volumes or bulky samples such as forage
– Large sample bottle holder, for 500 ml bottles
– Range of screens: 0.3 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.8 mm, 1 mm (included) and 2 mm
– Bottles with lids, 125 ml and 500 ml
– Dust collection options
· Dust filter pad (included)
· Paper bags for dust collection
· Dust collection with external connection
– Grinding rings
· Tungsten Carbide – for grain and feed
· Hard sample ring – for added durability
· Steel grinding strip, self-adhesive, set of 3
– Impellers
· The standard impeller in aluminium
· Nickel plated – for added durability


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