Water Bath Shaker TS-200B



Water bath temperature shakes is a kind of biochemical instruments to training/preparation biological samples and biological, microbiological,genetic virus,medicine, environmental protection,scientific research,education,production department to do precise preparation of laboratory equipment.TS – 110 – x bath shakes with precision control temperature,digital display and runs oxygenating hole equipments,constant temperature working cavity filling oxygen.Equipped with mechanical timer.Universal spring bottle rack is particularly suited to do a contrast test of the cultivation of the biological sample preparation. Infinite speed adjustment, stable running, simple operation safety.

Model TS-110×30 TS-110×50
RPM Range start~200r/min±10%
RPM Accuracy ±1r/min
Standard 250ml×12pcs 250ml×15pcs
Max Capacity 100ml×15pcs or 250ml×12pcs or 500ml×6pcs
Reciprocating Amplitude 20mm 24mm
Timer Range 0~500h
Temperature Range RT~99°C
Temperature Accuracy ±0.1°C(constant temperature)
Temperature Uniformity ±0.2°C(oscillate)
Display LCD
Size of Tray(mm) 434×256 494×316
External Size(mm) 732x348x342 792x408x392
Net Weight 25KG 30KG
Power 1600W 2100W
Voltage AC220V±10%    50HZ±2%
Method of Oscillate reciprocate


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