Oven Pengering Presisi Tinggi untuk Desinfektan



Drying Oven for Disinfecting
*microcomputer control
*sterilize quickly
*rise temperature quickly

Drying Oven for Disinfecting optional accessories
*Intellective procedure temperature controller
*Intellective liquid crystal procedure temperture controller
*Independent limiting temperature controller
*RS485 port and communication
*25mm/50mm/100mm cable port

Drying Oven for Disinfecting character
1.dry oven sterilization with air circulation system is composed of continuous working air blower and tunnel,can keep stable working chamber temperature that you have set.
2.Independent alarm system for temperature-limiting can ensure safety
3.The temperature is controlled automatically.
4.using high-quality steel plate can make outward appearance beautiful and lifetime longer.
5.It is suitable for drying, stoving, wax, dissolving and disinfecting in factory, laboratory andResearch institute.


Model GRX-9023A GRX-9053A GRX-9073A GRX-9123A GRX-9203A
supply voltage 220V 50HZ
temperture range RT+10~300°C
temperature resolution/volatility 0.1°C/±1°C
input power 1000W 1050W 1500W 1740W 2100W
inner size(mm)


300×300×270 420×350×350 450×400×450 550×350×550 600×550×600
outer size(mm)


585×480×450 705×530×530 735×585×630 835×530×730 885×730×780
shelves 2 piecs
timing range 1~9999min


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