Mesin Penyapu Daun / Sampah (Backpack Gasoline Leaf Blower)

Mini type knapsack blower is developed based on the existing blower in the market and mist duster3WF-808. Its matched engine is 1E40F-5P, a 2-stroke gasoline engine which is diaphragm that it can control fuel consumption betterly.


Mesin blower daun adalah alat yang digunakan untuk membersihkan daun, rumput kering, dan serpihan-serpihan kecil lainnya dari permukaan halaman atau jalan. Mesin ini biasanya digunakan untuk tugas tugas kebersihan di halaman rumah, taman atau area publik.

light weght good confuration, low noise,small vibration,operation easily, low consumption cleaning efficiency

Main uses:
it mainly used in urban road cleaning ,clean fallen leaves,duster garbage,cuttered grass and so on .

Product Features:
1. light weght;
2. good confuration;
3. low noise;
4. small vibration;
5. operation easily;
6. low consumption cleaning efficiency.

Product Details:

  • Engine type 1E40F-5AB , 2-stoke gasoline engine Weight(G.W.)9.5 kg
  • PackageDimension: 430*390*460 mm³
  • Displacement 42.7cc
  • Standard Power 1.25/7000kw/r/min
  • air outlet flow 0.2m³ /s
  • air outlet speed 70m/s
  • Tank Capacity 1.2L
  • method of starting recoil starting

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