Mesin Penyapu Daun / Sampah (Backpack Gasoline Leaf Blower)

Mini type knapsack blower is developed based on the existing blower in the market and mist duster3WF-808. Its matched engine is 1E40F-5P, a 2-stroke gasoline engine which is diaphragm that it can control fuel consumption betterly.


light weght good confuration, low noise,small vibration,operation easily, low consumption cleaning efficiency

Main uses:
it mainly used in urban road cleaning ,clean fallen leaves,duster garbage,cuttered grass and so on .

Product Features:
1. light weght;
2. good confuration;
3. low noise;
4. small vibration;
5. operation easily;
6. low consumption cleaning efficiency.

Product Details:

  • Engine type 1E40F-5AB , 2-stoke gasoline engine Weight(G.W.)9.5 kg
  • PackageDimension: 430*390*460 mm³
  • Displacement 42.7cc
  • Standard Power 1.25/7000kw/r/min
  • air outlet flow 0.2m³ /s
  • air outlet speed 70m/s
  • Tank Capacity 1.2L
  • method of starting recoil starting


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