Lantai Futsal (Grid Court Futsal Court field Flooring)



Starflex series is a multi-purpose sports flooring which specially designed for regular indoor sports game. It`s precision design strictly follow the German EN14904 standard and sports science request, highly stable quality, life span lasting for over 12 years. Cooperate with Gridcourt Matflex series rubber underlay(3-6mm), greatly increase the shock&noise absorption. Starflex the official sports flooring of CBFS, the first choice of high quality futsal court flooring.

Futsal, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Table tennis, Sports Center, Fitness club, Gymnasium etc.

StarFlex M
Tile size: 250x250x12.7mm

1 Impact resistant material.
2 High-tech formula, measurement stable.
3 Reinforce interlocking system.
4 Anti-Slipping surface.
5 Scratch resistant,brand new all the time.
6 ARC-Shape support structure, long time stable


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