En Core Discrete VOC Sampler

the En Core Sampler is extremely easy to use. Simply attach the re-usable T-Handle to a single-use sampler, lock it in place, and push the sampler into the soil until the coring body is completely full. Then, remove the sampler wiping any excess soil from the coring body and cap it while it is still on the T-Handle. Once capped, remove the sampler from the T-Handle, attach the included circular label from the En Core Sampler bag to the cap on the coring body, return the full En Core Sampler to the zipper bag, seal it, and put the bag on ice for transportation to the lab. There is no need for field preservation using chemicals, and most importantly, the En Core Sampler avoids many sources for lab discrepancies assuring a more consistent and accurate analyses. The En Core Sampler is effective for storage of soil for up to 48 hours.


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