Haga Altimeter | Alat Pengukur Tinggi Pohon

Haga Altimeter [Alat Pengukur Tinggi Pohon] Precise functionality and comfortable handling with a long-life cycle. The Haga altimeter is a gravity-controlled pivoted pointer with a series of scales (15, 20, 25 and 30), chains (66’ L) and a percent scale. Baseline scales are assigned by the user, and the baseline length is selected by turning an adjustment wheel to the desired scale. Indicator and scale systems are integrated into a rugged metal case and dampened from outside influences. The pistol-shape makes using the Haga altimeter easy, comfortable and accurate. Height is determined based on the known manner of measuring the angle between the altimeter’s position and the top of the tree. The distance to an object can be measured quickly, and can be improved with a rangefinder tape or by attaching an optical rangefinder. Used with its multirange target, the Haga rangefinder enables you to determine quickly and precisely base length distances of 15, 20, 25 or 30 yards or meters. Complete instructions included with the altimeter, the optical rangefinder, and multirange targets.



Haga Altimeter [Alat Pengukur Tinggi Pohon]
Specifications :
Height and slope measurements are made simple with these six scales: Required Scales Baseline Distance Measuring Range 1 chain = 66’ 66’ -27’ to +144’ 15 15 ft., yds., or m -6 to +26 ft., yds., or m 20 20 ft., yds., or m -8 to +34 ft., yds., or m 25 25 ft., yds., or m -10 to +43 ft., yds., or m 30 30 ft., yds., or m -12 to +52 ft., yds., or m percent any distance in ft., -40 to +150% of baseline yds., or m distance


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