Soil Gas Vapor Probe

Widely used around pipelines and underground storage tanks (UST’s). The SGVP drive tubes are removed, leaving the vapor probe tip imbedded at the desired location and sampling depth. A Teflon® vapor tube running from the tip to the surface makes continuous sampling a quick and easy process. The outside diameter of the vapor probe tip is larger than the diameter of the drive tubes, enabling the probe to be inserted easily. The SGVP tip is machined so that the vapor inlet holes are recessed in the tip. Just above the vapor inlet holes is a machined flange. A dead air space is created with the vapor inlet holes recessed below the flange and just above the base. A Teflon umbrella can be attached to the vapor probe tip just above the flange. The umbrella is then folded and is inserted to the desired depth and the drive tubes are removed causing the Teflon umbrella to unfold. This prevents any dirt from falling in and around the vapor tip and prevents plugging of the vapor inlet holes. The Teflon tube is attached to the SGVP tip by pushing the tube over a barbed tang. The Teflon vapor tube is threaded through the drive tubes and into the drive head which is then attached to the AMS up-and-down hammer attachment or a rotary hammer drill. The retract-a-tip SGVP can be driven into the soil to a pre-determined depth, opened, and a vapor sample extracted. The tip can then be closed and driven to a greater depth, re-opened, and another sample taken. Tip can be removed from ground and can be decontaminated after sample is taken


– Ten GVP dedicated tips with umbrella
– Retract-A-Tip, 5/8” tip drive end
– Four 3’ GVP 5/8” extensions
– 5/8” x 3’ heavy-duty extendable tile probe base
– Three 5/8” x 3’ heavy-duty tile probe extension
– External drive adapter 3/4” ID
– SDS-Max drill adapter
– SDS-Max 1-1/2” carbide bit
– Slide hammer
– Slide hammer adapter 3/4” OD
– Hand pump
– 3/16” ID x 1/4” OD x 250’ fluoropolymer tubing
– Aluminium Case


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