Microscope MI-4100STD

Dengan microscope ini anda akan mendapatkan kualitas yang sama dan fitur mikroskop-sekolah tingkat tinggi lainnya, namun dengan harga yang sangat terjangkau. Memiliki tingkat perbesaran yang diperlukan untuk melihat rincian sel yang rumit dan kualitas optik untuk melihat mereka dengan sangat jelas, memberikan siswa banyak keuntungan dari laboratorium mikroskop dan penemuan independen. Mikroskop ini juga mudah digunakan sehingga siswa dari segala usia dapat menikmatinya.




  • Monocular 45° inclined head with 360° rotation for convenient viewing
  • 10x wide-field inclined eyepiece with large 18mm field of view
  • 4x (0.10 NA), 10x (0.25 NA), and 40xR (0.65 NA) objectives meet DIN standards and are achromatic, parcentered and parfocaled to prevent color distortion and keep the slide in coarse focus as you switch to higher or lower power
  • 40x objective is retractable
  • Separate fine and coarse focusing with a slip clutch to prevent damage to slides or optics
  • Durable and smooth all-metal rack-and-pinion focusing
  • Large 110 x 120mm stage with clips and stage stop; pre-drilled for a mechanical stage to make viewing easier
  • NA 0.65 condenser with five-hole disc diaphragm to adjust light levels for optimum resolution
  • 5-watt cool, bright fluorescent illumination
  • Specimen field of view is 4.5mm at 40x
  • Rugged aluminum frame, stands 15″ tall
  • Includes operating manual, a dust cover, and a spare light bulb
  • A replacement light bulb is available
  • Also available with an iris diaphragm and 1000x magnification or as a 1.3 megapixel digital camera microscope


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