Mesin Incinerator Limbah Medis/Rumah Sakit


Kapasitas: 50kg/h

Characteristics of hospital medical waste incinerator:

  1. The burned gasification technology, applied to burn syringe, bit containers and the medical equipment and all kinds of waste materials, paper bandages and absorbent cotton, all kinds of medical dirt and hospitals, medical institutions ruled out all kinds of wastes.
  2. Three-dimensional structure, small volume, cover an area of an area small, compact structure, not high demand for supporting facilities.
  3. The airline engine combustion method, which cut into the high temperature flue gas to burn room and cut the combustion air to enter etc, make the flue gas combustion way in burn indoor can burn full again, and rotating airflow to smoke dust removal.
  4. The gasification method, the burning of medical waste incineration process won’t produce in melt piece of and sintering problem. The waste generated in the every day can be a burning treatment.
  5. Use of gasification burned, mixed burn, burn processing technique, make smoke exhaust smoke and dust content such as dioxin content is lower than the national discharge standard.
  6. Adopt totally closed operation. The door, burned out dust doors are zimu mouth forms, the seal structure, with the outside world, burn completely isolated form negative pressure combustion, suitable for dealing with infectious medical waste, avoid secondary pollution.


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