Mesin Hydroseeding (Grass Seed Planting Machine) Kapasitas 4 – 8 Kubik


Spray seeding is more and more applied in road greening. The application of seeding spraying technology in vegetation restoration and slope protection project.

PB series artificial soil spraying seeder involves in planting permanent vegetation, spraying slurry, slope protection, grassing and erosion prevention.

Soil spraying seeder driven by single diesel, electronic control, easy operation, especially suitable for outdoor conditions, applicable to all kinds of rock slope, hard soil, poor soil, acidic soil, arid zones, clay soil and coastal dam.etc

2.Max. aggregate:10mm
3.Good after-sales service
4.Diesel engine

engine type: diesel engine
power: 63kw
tank effective capacity: 4m³-8m³
output: 1350L/min
output pressure: 8kgf/c㎡
maximum aggregate: 10mm
rotating speed of mixer shaft: 0-110rpm
maximum horizontal conveying distance:


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